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Empathy Traning · Listening Skills

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The Practice of Empathy

Empathy is a skill that creates healthy professional and personal relationships. Many believe they are either empathetic people or they aren’t, but this isn’t true. Empathy is a trait that can be learned and practiced. In my workshops, I teach practical tools that can immediately be put into practice to strengthen businesses, schools, churches, marriages, and friendships.


Virtual, In-Person, and Hybrid sessions are available.

The length and number of sessions can be customized to your organization's needs and wants.

What is empathy and why is it important?


We often hear about empathy and are encouraged to practice it, but many don't know how to do that. We want to be empathetic but do not have the tools to do so. The good news is empathy can be learned and practiced. I can teach you these skills.


Empathy can be misunderstood. It is not:
- placing value or judgment on someone's behavior.
- sharing an experience with someone.


Instead, empathy is about connecting via our shared emotion.


Because I know what it means to be afraid or sad, I can empathize with you when you are afraid or sad, even if the experience that led to these emotions is vastly different.