Christy is a gifted trainer and speaker. Not only is she skilled at providing the audience with actionable takeaways, but she is also a remarkable storyteller. This combination makes her training both practical and inspirational. She is warm, authentic, and relatable, allowing her to connect deeply with the audience. Our small group leaders loved hearing from her!

-Kim Halfhill, Director of Engagement
Second Baptist Church, Liberty, Missouri

Christy Edwards is amazing. Very personable and was very accessible when it came to the planning of her coming to BurnettDriskill and leading a presentation on empathy. The experience was wonderful and educational. From a person who struggles with communicating empathy to others, I was able to get so much insight. I learned about myself and others; especially when it comes to giving and receiving communication in instances where empathy is critical. We are a Disability Law Firm, so empathy is a must. We try to meet clients where they are. Christy gave us the tools and resources to be able to do so. I strongly recommend her services.

-Lamar Clayton, Team Lead
BurnettDriskill Law Firm

Christy provided an Enneagram seminar for our Spiritual Services Department. She was able to explain, break down, and answer unique questions with patience, clarity, and insight. More than just sharing what it means to have certain character traits, Christy was able to show the integration of our personality traits and how they mesh with others. I left that training not only better understanding myself, but also understanding my workplace relationships.

-Joshua T. Morris, PhD, MDiv, BCC
Assistant Director, Spiritual Services Department

Christy is an engaging and passionate speaker. She addresses difficult subjects with humor and grace. She led our medical team through several exercises to help us practice empathetic, kind responses to people who are grieving and hurting.

-Dr. Jennifer Dilts
Pediatrician & Medical School Associate Professor

Empathetic client communication is critical in a law office. Christy Edwards spoke to our attorneys and staff. In her presentation, she shared effective methods and strategies to provide words and actions that honor the client while we give legal counsel and representation. Christy identifies the best methods to communicate with people who are struggling. We see positive results in our client relationships. A bonus is we have adopted her principles in the office among our team - they work.

-Roger Driskill, Attorney
BurnettDriskill Law Firm

Our school staff called upon the grief support services and expertise of Christy Edwards to assist us when a friend and member of our team was dying. Christy provided the compassionate counsel our staff needed. With her guidance, each individual was given the opportunity to express hopes, recall fond memories, reflect, and grieve. Members of our staff continue to recount the benefit of the counsel we received from Christy and we are strengthened from being part of that experience.

-Dr. Andy Wright, Ed.D.
School Principal

Christy gave an introduction to the Enneagram to a group of Chaplains at our hospital. Despite our limited time together, Christy packed a surprising amount of content into the presentation. We learned so much! It was informative, relatable, and engaging. Christy’s passion for the Enneagram is palpable and will leave groups feeling inspired to dig deeper into this ancient tool and the wondrous insights it offers.

Parker Ebling-Artz, MDiv, BCC
Staff Chaplain